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Quality Improvement

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Our QI methods are based on Six Sigma as implemented by Intermountain Health Care. Rather than teach a PDSA cycle, we will learn the DMAIC cycle (DMAIC is pronounced as "duh-may-ick". DMAIC is good for improving existing processes in a large clinic. PDSA does not as carefully study a process before making changes. PDSA is fine for a small clinic, for a new clinical process, or for new cycles after an initial DMAIC cycle.

Diagnostic journey

Goal: to understand a clinical process so we know where the best opportunities are for improving clinical care
  1. Define your goal/aim/measurement.
    1. Problem statement (aka 'Elevator speech' speech), which can be used for a project title:
      • Example: Our aim is to increase/decrease X
    2. AIM statement:
  2. Measure your baseline conformity:
  3. Analyze your system for opportunities to improve:

Treatment (remedial) journey


Publishing QI projects

Questions: rbadgett@kumc.edu