Health IT Workforce Curriculum:
Selected Components

From: National Training and Dissemination Center

3. Terminology in Health Care and Public Health Settings

4. Introduction to Information and Computer Science

7. Working with Health IT Systems

10. Fundamentals of Health Workflow Process Analysis & Redesign

"You can only elevate individual performance by elevating that of the entire system."
- Deming, 1982. Component 10; Unit 5a

12. Quality improvement

From: Component 12;Unit 1a:slide 9.

15. Usability and Human Factors

17. Working in Teams

  • 1. Health IT Teams: Examples and Characteristics
  • 2. Forming and Developing a Team for HIT
  • 3. Initial Tools for Teaming: Ground Rules & Action Plans for HIT Teams
  • 4. Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety: TeamSTEPPS
  • 5. Leveraging Integration Techniques: Power of HIT Team Dynamics
  • 6. Articulating Feedback and Feedforward: Tracking Success and Change
    • **Lecture (feedback starts on slide 18; feed forward starts on slide 21)
  • 7. Leadership: All Members as Leaders - Leaderful Teams
  • 8. Sharing Resources and Information: Tools to Optimize Performance of HIT Teams
  • 9. Positioning for High Performance Teaming: Challenges and Opportunities in the HIT Environment
  • 10. Barriers to Success: Reading Early Warning Signs of HIT Team Failure
  • 11. Life Cycle of HIT Teams: Reforming and Repositioning Techniques

19. Introduction to Project Management