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This page creates citations for writing on: In addition, the citation maker can optionally quote the conclusion of an article and help present numeric results from clinical studies that report diagnosis and treatment. Click here for bookmarklet.

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  1. Association of chronic kidney disease with abnormal cardiac mechanics and adverse outcomes in patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction. Eur J Heart Fail (2016) PMID: 26635076
  2. Is it time to recognize a new phenotype? Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction with pulmonary vascular disease. Eur Heart J (2017) PMID: 28431020
  3. Heart failure with a normal ejection fraction: is measurement of diastolic function necessary to make the diagnosis of diastolic heart failure? Circulation (2001) PMID: 11502702
  4. Diastolic heart failure--a common and lethal condition by any name. N Engl J Med (2006) PMID: 16855273
  5. Assessment of the 2006 revised antiphospholipid syndrome classification criteria. Ann Rheum Dis (2007) PMID: 17337473
* Articles that were published with an accompanying editorial or reviewed covered by a synoptic publications including ACP Journal Club and Evidence-Based Medicine.