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This page creates biomedical citations to use when for writing on websites. In addition, the citation maker can optionally quote the conclusion of an article and help present numeric results from clinical studies that report diagnosis and treatment. Click here for bookmarklet.

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  1. Babesiosis in Lower Hudson Valley, New York, USA. Emerg Infect Dis (2011) PMID: 21529393
  2. Diabetes in midlife and cognitive change over 20 years: a cohort study. Ann Intern Med (2014) PMID: 25437406*
  3. Thermal injury causes DNA damage and lethality in unheated surrounding cells: active thermal bystander effect. J Invest Dermatol (2010) PMID: 19587691
  4. Risk factors for hypothermia in EMS-treated burn patients. Prehosp Emerg Care (2014) PMID: 24460465
  5. Does the nephrotic syndrome increase the risk of cardiovascular disease? Lancet (1979) PMID: 90759
* Articles that were published with an accompanying editorial or reviewed covered by a synoptic publications including ACP Journal Club and Evidence-Based Medicine.